R.I.P Terry Bethel

„Legendary Steel Guitarist „Terry Bethel“ age 80 passed away Monday morning (6-17-19) at 7:45am central time in Nashville, TN. This after suffering with a long bout of Pancreatitis and with his overall health declining over the past few months.
Terry was inducted into the International Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2012 and received the NTSGA Legends Award in 2017. He started learning to play Steel Guitar at a very young age at the Honolulu School of Music in Flint Michigan. He worked almost 40 years in Mel Tillis’s „Statesiders Band“, both on the road and at Mel’s theater show in Branson, Missouri. Back in the 90’s Terry & Dick Miller partnered up to manufacture and produce the well known „Bethel Pedal Steel Guitars“ for several years. Terry was once married to female country artist „Billie Jo Spears“ who recorded the big hit „Blanket On The Ground“. His contributions to the country music industry include session recordings (on the majority of Mel’s number one hits), and backing up other well-known artists. He consistently supported the steel guitar industry by founding the Ozark Steel Guitar Association, which hosts an annual steel guitar jam every July. Terry utilized his expertise and talents to expose and enhance the steel guitar worldwide. He spent some of his time as a Internet DJ on SteelRadio.com. Terry had an impeccable reputation as both an innovator of style, and a leader of perfection. He dedicated his life to music, as one of the most worldly renowned steel guitarist‘ of our time.“

(Nick Reed, Steelguitarforum.com)


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