Zu Verkaufen: Williams SD-10 3×5 in Berlin

„I am selling my Williams 600 SD10. She is beautiful and in great condition. All mechanical parts fully functional and in good condition. This was mostly a “bedroom guitar” and rarely taken out on the road. My family life doesn’t leave me too much time to play steel guitar anymore, so I am giving up this hobby for now. I posted the photos on Flickr, since for some reason I am unable to attach pictures to this post.

Stays in tune and features the unique Williams bridge charger which greatly reduces string breakage since strings are not bend 90 degrees.

I am asking 2200 EURO (shipping costs must be added).


George L E66 Pickups
Emmons “atomic” fretboard
Serial Number 622
Manufacture Year 2008
NO Tweaks or modifications done. All factory setup.

pedals ABC : standard emmons
LKL ; Es to F on 4 & 8
LKV ( left knee vertical ) B to Bb on 5 ( a very useful change )
LKR : Es to Eb on 4 & 8
RKL : F# to G# on 1 – Eb to E on 2 – G# to F# on 6
RKR : Eb to D (feel stop) to C# on 2 – D to C# on 9
Fotos hier.“


Schade, wäre sie keyless, hätte ich sie sofort selber gekauft…

Hinweis: Dieses Instrument wird nicht vom Betreiber des Blogs angeboten. Bei Fragen setzt euch bitte mit dem Anbieter selber in Verbindung. Das Hinterlassen von Kommentaren ist mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit zwecklos, da die jeweiligen Anbieter diesen Blog nicht unbedingt kennen. Vielen Dank.

2 Kommentare zu „Zu Verkaufen: Williams SD-10 3×5 in Berlin

  1. Hi!
    I am looking for a pedal steel guitar.
    I am an absolute beginner but have been playing guitar for more than 25 years. So I have some musical background.
    I also looked for a WBS pedal steel guitar. Are they comparable regarding quality and do you think your PSG is reasonable for a beginner?
    Best regards from Salzburg, Austria

    1. Georg, ich bitte, die Hinweise unter den Anzeigen zu beachten, die ich in diesem Blog veröffentliche. Falls Du meine Meinung zu Deinen Fragen hören möchtest: Ja und ja.
      Gruß, Martin

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